The National Radio Club Archives

The National Radio Club is happy to share the history of our club and the memorabilia of its many members.  We have scanned and have on display for all copies of DX News Magazine from Volume 1 Issue 11 through Volume 86 at this site for your enjoyment. Chronological Indexes of the Domestic and International DX columns by frequency from DX News volume 74 forward are available as well. We also have in our possession scanned copies of verifications of Medium Wave, Shortwave, Utility and Television stations from many past and current National Radio Club Members.  The 30 year history of the DX Audio Service is now digitized, as well as many of the feature “After Dark” and “All Radio” audio magazines, various interviews and recordings of the Ray Briem Talknet DX Programs from the 1980’s . There is a section of historical Articles and Photos and features on now obsolete Frequency Checks and recordings from the “heyday” of Courtesy Programs known as “DX Tests”. We at the National Radio Club hope you will enjoy the past that we have been able to preserve.

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