The National Radio club was founded in York, Pennsylvania in 1933.  Starting with Volume 1 Issue 11 Kermit Geary of Walnutport, Pennsylvania became a member.  Kermit held on to all of his DX News issues from the first issue he received.  When Kermit passed away John Malicky, a long time NRC member contacted the family and made arrangements for the family to donate all of Kermit’s DX News Magazines and his verification collection to the NRC. Our thanks to John and many other NRC members for their assistance in bringing both of these collections to you.

Other NRC’ers sent their back issues to the NRC including Skip Dabelstein and others. You will find the handy work of James Niven, Bill Hale, John Herkimer and myself in these files… A massive project to scan to pdf all of the back issues of DX News for posterity… Some of the older files are very large (10mb) due to the inability of the Adobe application to read some of the older more worn issues.  We hope you enjoy the walk through the history of BCB DX and the National Radio Club.

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