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March 7, 2022

The Archived DX NEWS DDXD and IDXD searchable Spreadsheets are available now through Volume 89! Look under The NRC Archive Tab

We are NOW Shipping the 43rd edition of the AM Radio Log!

The Almost Complete (Still Missing Jan 1992) Archive of the DX Audio Service Audio tapes is available now! Look under The NRC Archive Tab

The Archives of DX NEWS from 1933 through 2019 are now available including the 50th Anniversary Book! Look under The NRC Archive Tab

See Loyd Van Horn’s review/primer of the NRC Log 41st edition at his DXCentral YouTube channel.

New Archives from NRC’er Skip Dabelstein The History of Courtesy Program DX Tests Look under The NRC Archive Tab

New Archives from NRC’er Skip Dabelstein The Days of AM Radio Frequency Checks Look under The NRC Archive Tab

The Archived QSL collections are available now! Look under the QSL’s Tab

The Archive of Interesting Radio Articles is are available now! Look under The NRC Archive Tab

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Welcome to the NRC

July 13, 2019

Welcome to the official site of the National Radio Club (NRC), the world’s oldest and largest medium wave DX Club. The National Radio Club was founded in 1933 and continues today as a respected group of radio listeners. Please use the tabs above to help navigate to specific locations throughout our site.

A little about The NRC Archives.  This section features most of the past publications of DX News and the DX Audio Service,  There are many special historical sections that detail  activities that occurred in the earlier “Heyday” of BCB DX. We suggest you visit that Menu Tab and take a look at the various sections that delineate the history of AM Radio DX’ing and the National Radio Club.

Our magazine, DX News (DXN), is a must for the serious or casual Medium Wave DX’er and is only available through the National Radio Club. Subscribing to the DX News printed magazine (or email delivery) entitles you to membership privileges, including discounted prices on many NRC products. DX News offers 20 bulletins per year, bi-weekly in winter, monthly in summer, and contains over 750 pages a year of DX and radio information.

We’d like to encourage all new visitors to download a free sample copy of DX News. Find the sample under the “Download…” tab above. This is what you will receive as an E-DXN subscriber, an Adobe pdf format version of our DX News publication delivered via email. Please check it out and let us know what you think! Feedback is always appreciated. Use our Contact Form

Wayne Heinen
Chairman of the Board
National Radio Club

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