National Radio Club Verifications On Display

The National Radio Club has, over the years, has been home to columns on almost every form of radio listening. Some members specialized and remained true to Mediumwave or Standard Broadcast Band. Others enjoyed DXing the entire radio spectrum. Although the NRC has often been billed as the Worlds Oldest and Largest BCB DX Club, we will strive to serve all DXers by preserving and displaying verifications from throughout the spectrum as a means of sharing the history of the DXing hobby

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Verification Collections of Members Past and Present

• Kelly Andrews

• Joseph "Joe" Brauner (SK)

• William "Bill" Burrows

• Ernest R "Ernie" Cooper (SK)

• Carl "Skip" Dabelstein

• Benjamin "Ben" Dangerfield III (SK)

• Clarence Draving (SK)

• Kermit Geary (SK)

• Phil Greenspan

• Wayne Heinen

• Kraig Krist Clicking takes one to the KG4LAC website.

• Robert "Bob" Karchevski (SK)

• Stuart Leland (SK)

• Roland "Len" Lindblade (SK)

• Norman "Norm" Maguire (SK)

• Murray Carl Mann

• Alan "Al" Merriman

• Stanwood "Stan" Morss (SK)

• Maurice "Bill" Nittler (SK)

• John Sampson

• Steve Sprague

• Ronald "Ron" Schiller (SK)

• David "Dave" Thomas (SK)

• Paul Thomas

• Ernest J "Ernie" Wesolowski

Last Updated December 21, 2022