Kermit Geary QSL Verie Collections

Kermit Geary was a National Radio Club member from shortly after its founding in 1933. He lived in the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania along the Lehigh River. Kermit was not only a BCB DXer, he DXed anything that could be heard. His verification collection includes Shortwave Broadcast and Utility stations, some amateur stations and mediumwave Police radio. Listening and watching in the higher regions of the spectrum he DXed both FM and TV. As time permits we will be adding the rest of this historic collection to these pages.

Our thanks to the Geary family for making this collection avaiable and to Harry Hayes, John Malicky and Bob Smolarek who assited in for gathering up the collection and getting it to the Rochester convention. Thanks to the late Paul Swearingen for hauling it from Rochester to HQ in Aurora CO. A huge thanks to David Gleason for scanning it for our archives and to Kraig Krist for creating the html format which allowed me to get them up on the website. Wayne Heinen 9/03/2018

The following are Verification Collections of Kermit Geary

• AM Broadcast Band

• FM Broadcast Band

• Medium Wave Police Band

• Short Wave Broadcast

• Short Wave Utility & Miscellaneous

• Television