Bruce Conti

Bruce Conti – The International DX Report
Bruce Conti is editor of the DX News, International DX Digest (IDXD). A member of the National Radio Club and mediumwave DXer for some 25 years, Bruce is also a member of the Boston Area DXers ( and the Ontario DX Association (

Bruce is the broadcast DX columnist for Popular Communications magazine ( He holds a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Massachusetts-Lowell, and a teaching
certificate for K-8 elementary education in New Hampshire obtained through graduate studies at Franklin Pierce College. Bruce has been teaching 5th grade math and science, and prior to that was a compliance engineer for
Lexicon, Inc. in the manufacture and engineering of professional audio products.

Bruce’s specialty is “hard-core” mediumwave DXing, both domestic and international, although he sometimes dabbles in longwave, shortwave, TV and FM broadcast DXing as well. He is a veteran of the famed Newfoundland DXpeditions, part of the group that received over 130 countries on mediumwave during one such expedition. In his spare time, he enjoys experimenting with mediumwave receiving antennas, and has found the Ewe and inverted-L wire antenna configurations to provide the best performance in a limited space, along with a noise reduction system consisting of RF matching transformers, remote grounds, and buried coax lead-ins, and an LC-tank phasing unit. Favorite receivers are the Drake R8B and Lowe HF-225 Europa for down-in-the-dirt DXing, and the Sony ICF-2010 with Kiwa filter upgrade and CCRadio for casual DXing.

Loco the DX Cat keeps him company during lone nights at the dial. Click on him to get a bigger picture. Bruce can be contacted by E-Mail at , or by regular mail to 46 Ridgefield Drive, Nashua, NH 03062-1174.