Shawn Axelrod

Shawn Axelrod is a Member of the NRC’s Board of Directors as well as the editor for the DX Tool Box Column. Shawn was born in 1953 and has lived in Winnipeg MB all of his life. He has been married to his wife Helen since 1973. They have 2 grown children and 3 grandchildren. Shawn is retired after 36 years with Manitoba Hydro.

On the DX side of life Shawn started in February of 1971. There was a high school Ham radio club VE4GY that he became associated with. He never did get his Ham radio license, however he was bitten by the DX bug and has never recovered.  When he first started in DX’ing he was a Ham band
listener and has a QSL collection from over 330 ARRL Countries. Over his DX career Shawn has listened to all forms of radio from Longwave to
Mediumwave to Shortwave to VHF and UHF. At the present time his DX’ing revolves around BCB, FM,  as well as some Longwave and Tropical band

Shawn currently uses 3 radios to DX with. For DX’ing above 30 MHz he has an ICOM ICR-7000 that has all the options on board. This is a story in
itself with the radio and accessories coming from Canada, the USA and Belgium. For the lower bands he uses both a Drake R8 and his trusty ICOM
ICR-70. The ICOM was bought new in 1982. It has been modified for BCB and Longwave DX’ing with an FL44A filter and a rare PLAM board both of
which have helped him log many new stations. As for antennas he is using: a 150 foot outdoor longwire, an 100 foot indoor wire running
around the basement, a 4 foot box loop, an old original Quantum loop and finally a discone for his VHF/UHF DX’ing.

This is not Shawn’s first column for a DX publication. He has in the past edited columns for CIDX and IRCA as well as having articles published in ODXA, NRC and Popular Communications. NRC published Shawn’s DX’Pedition Handbook in 1994.

Shawn is also the person behind the AMANDX web pages at:


xband Stations Pages