Wayne Heinen

Wayne Heinen is the current editor of the NRC’s AM Radio Log, Formats editor for DX NEWS and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Radio Club.

Wayne started his DX’ing hobby in Elementary school and later at the age of 13 began BCB DX’ing from his parent’s home outside of Buffalo NY. He learned about the NRC from an article in Popular Electronics and joined the Club in February 1965. Wayne was active in the NRC’s Courtesy Program Committee in the 60’s and early 70’s before moving to Colorado in 1975. He’s been a past editor of the DDXD-West and the Verification Signers columns before taking on the management of the National Radio Club’s AM Radio Log data base. Wayne and his wife Joan have worked with the Publications Center in updating, publishing and shipping many of the current NRC books and DX’ing Aids.

Wayne is also a licensed Amateur Radio Operator, N0POH and active in Weak Signal DX on the bands of 6 meters and up. He, with his wife Joan KB0YRX, are the past editor and publisher the Rocky Mountain VHF+ Newsletter which was devoted to that aspect of ham radio, As a member of the Aurora Repeater Association he currently is the current treasurer and trustee of the club’s 224.74 repeater and a past president of the club.

Wayne is retired from Arapahoe County Assessor’s office were he was a tax appraiser and statistical analyst for 28 years.

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