Get Big Crowds At Your Next Remote
By Michael Hagerty

KZGL (95.9 FM) personality "Rowdy" Walker has been hit with misdemeanor and obscenity charges following a live remote held by the Flagstaff station at an adult video store earlier this year.

You read that right: a live remote from an adult video store. Instead of cars and trucks, it's porno tapes. Instead of hot dogs and balloons, two live porn actresses: Mila Shegol and Ekaterina Ponomareva. They posed for pictures and signed autographs for listeners who stopped on by.

Let's bypass the obvious question for the moment, "Which genius booked this remote?", and go on to how Walker's bad idea has now been alleged to be a criminal offense.

During one of the remote cut-ins, Walker handed the microphone over to Shegol. She apparently thought that the dialogue in her movies was interchangeable with the few remaining standards the FCC has for radio broadcasting. In other words, she said all the words you can't say on the radio for two whole minutes. She used certain words as active verbs, in sentences, and as offers of what she would do for, and to listeners who showed up at the store.

Shegol's offers drew a big crowd including a plainclothes officer who alleges to have been promptly groped by Ponomareva while someone souvenir snapped a photo. Remember: "souvenir" is the French word for "evidence."

Shegol has been charged with disorderly conduct and indecent exposure since the remote was on the sidewalk outside the store.

Now, back to the obvious questions: what genius, presumably in sales, booked the grand opening of a porn store as a live remote in a conservative town of 50,000 people? What other genius, presumably, oh, say ... a general manager said "okay?" And where was the genius running the board back at the station when Einstein in a tube top launched her "limited time offer"?

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