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It's quite some radio page!

Read this post from the Short Wave Programs list at [S.W.P. has 235 members from around the world who post re quality public radio programs heard either on shortwave or the internet]

Chet Copeland/NYC, NY


Mail message

From Kevin A. Kelly to swprograms@topica Jan. 31

New public radio database site:

Hi, my name is Kevin Kelly. I'm a longtime SWL and have been reading swprograms for several months, so I know that some of you are doing much of your program listening over the Internet these days. If so, you might be very interested in a web site that I've just launched.

At you'll find a site whose central feature is a database of program schedules for public radio and international radio stations that offer Internet feeds. Its 8000+ program listings include fairly complete coverage of nationally distributed public radio programs in the United States, plus listings for CBC, RCI, BBC domestic, BBCWS, RN, DW, RA, and other international broadcasters.

The database is a bit like John Figliozzi's SW program database, but covering webcasts instead of shortwave, and with audio links to the webcasts.

So, if you enjoy listening to "This American Life" but can't always catch it on your local public radio station, can show you a list of 133 airings at 46 distinct times throughout the week. Or, you can get a list of several dozen programs that are on the air right now. All of the listings link to station audio feeds, so you're just one click away from listening to the program.

There was actually a discussion here on swprograms last spring about finding national programs across the many local station webcasts. At the time, a few of you took a look at a preliminary experimental site that was an ancestor of the current site. That old site was an outgrowth of my own personal listening list, so it wasn't very complete, and it only worked for people whose Internet setup matched mine (fast connection, IE browser, and Eastern time zone).

The new site was built from scratch to remove all those limitations (it's very time zone friendly, and Chet C. of this list has used the site with his WebTV) and has a much more comprehensive database.

I think will fill a niche between the terrific radio and webcast sites already available. I hope you'll take a look at the site find it worth visiting regularly. Since it was designed for radio aficionados like yourselves, I'll greatly appreciate feedback about the site including any corrections, additions, or improvements you'd like to suggest.

Special thanks to Chet Copeland and Glenn Hauser for much valuable input during the development of the site.

Wishing you good listening,

Kevin A. Kelly


National Radio Club, Inc.

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