NRC Graveyard DX Achievements
(minus two decades)

Since there have been no Graveyard updates for over a month, I thought I'd make sure you remembered the GY business with this special report which ran in DX News a little over two years ago. Hoping it is of interest to you.


NRC Graveyard DX Achievements


Remember back when the "Graveyarders" were on 1200, 1210, 1310, 1370, 1420 and 1500 kc? (they were kilocycles back then). Neither do I. But George Holland, Jr. of Latham, New York does. And I suspect many more of our members do, too.

Dating back to January 1, 1931, while just a whisp of a lad, George, then living in Schenecatady logged, and verified, the following stations. He suspects that many of the pre-1960 Graveyard records actually belong on these frequencies, instead of where they appear now.

I imagine 1200 through 1420 just jumped up 30 kc, while 1500 fell back 10 kc as 1500 was the top of the dial back then. By the way, the change ocurred on March 29, 1941.

Many of these stations have disappeared altogether, some have changed frequency, and strangely enough some have retained their original call letters through all these years. After George first inquired about them, I sent him complete listing of pre-1960 GY records. These lists haven't appeared in DX News since 1989, because no one has sent in appropriate loggings since then.

If you have Graveyard loggings which you would like to see added to these lists, send them in. Remember, I really appreciate getting the lists in state and city order, not by date of reception or other array. We could possibly start a whole new GY category. Want a copy of the lists? Let me know.

Bill Hale, DDXD West

1200 kc - Miles

1210 kc

1310 kc

1370 kc

1420 kc

1500 kc

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