2006 Montana “Big Sky” DX Test Complete Results

By Les Rayburn, N1LF Broadcast Test Coordinator



The Montana "Big Sky" DX Test turned out to be one of the most popular tests with DX'ers in some time. Our thanks to the ABDX List, Engineer Ron Huckeby, Tony Mulligan, Todd Clark, Steven Dow, Michael Richard of KEVA, and the staff of these stations for all their efforts to make this test possible. We'd also like to thank Brandon Jordan for his wonderful web site which has become a real tool for DX Tests and Joe Miller who designed all the QSL cards for the test. Without their support, it would be impossible to get these tests organized.


**Please note that reports received via the US Postal Service are not reproduced here. It simply would be impossible to transcribe all that text into electronic form. We received over 60 reports from four countries and all parts of the United States. Most contained cassettes, often not cued—many did not include the requested SASE, etc. I keep preaching, but I’m not sure the message is getting through. If you expect a QSL, you need to do the work and make it easy on the station. All DX’ers need to enter the information age, meaning access to computers, e-mail, CD’s, and MP3 recording. It’s not the “wave of the future” anymore, it’s the present. End of sermon.

The stations who were scheduled to test on November 19th, 2006 included:

KEIN 1310khz Great Falls, MT (5KW Daytime Pattern)
KLCY 930khz, East Missoula, MT (5KW Daytime Pattern)
KGVO 1290khz, Missoula, MT (5KW Daytime Pattern)
KANA 580khz, Anaconda, MT (1KW Daytime Pattern)
KERR   750khz Polson, MT (50KW Non-Directional)

KKGR 680khz East Helena, MT (5KW Non-Directional)



It appears that KEIN, KLCY, and KGVO did not participate in the test. Possibly due to automation problems or other issues. Perhaps we can talk this stations into a test later on this year. This is a great example of why real time, Internet based information sources are so vital to serious DX'ers. Many listeners participated in a real time chat room devoted to Medium Wave DXing, at http:www.starchat.net


The channel is #MWDX. Those of us active on the chat quickly realized that these three stations were not participating, thanks to reports from local or near local DX'ers. Likewise, it was quickly determined that KKGR 680khz was getting out very well across the country. This, despite their being limited to 5KW of power into a short 290 foot tower. There was a typo on my part, leading many of us to believe that KKGR was only running 500 watts. Thanks to Tony Mulligan for clearing up my mistake! Still impressive signal into a small stick.


The "lesson learned" from the DX Tests this season is clear. Schedules will change, sometimes at the last minute. Real time, Internet based access to information such as the NRC "DX Tip" list, web sites like www.dxtests.info, and chat rooms like #MWDX are critical to putting new stations into the log.


The two most widely heard stations were KERR 750khz, who did not run Morse Code or Sweep Tones. However, their unique format of classic country music made them easy to pick out on the channel. They also ran a lot of voice ID's which many DX'ers recorded. 50,000 watts didn’t hurt them either, but Atlanta’s talk powerhouse, WSB proved an impossible obstacle for many DX’ers.


KKGR 680khz was a huge surprise. And was the station most widely heard during the test.


KANA also showed up in a quite a few logs, and despite their lack of participation in the test, some careful monitoring of 1290khz put KGVO into the logs for some lucky DX'ers.


Full Log of All Electronic Reports


Below is a list of all reports received by the BTC. If you do not see your name here, it means that we did not receive your report. Some reports are edited for content or length. An abbreviated report is available at www.e-dxn.com under the “Broadcast Test” section which is free to view for members and non-members alike.


580 -  I ran out of receivers and had to pass this one up. 
680 - CFTR Toronto and a booming signal from WCCT Corbin KY, now an all-nighter.  Their pattern must be aimed directly toward me. 
750 - All WSB. 
930, 1290 and 1310 - Tapes not audited since they apparently didn't test. 
Thanks to all who arranged the tests, and congrats to those who bagged one! 
Steve Francis
Alcoa, Tennessee


750-KERR was heard at our DXpedition site Parkalompolo in Northernmost Sweden. I just called my friends up there. Right before 1 am MST (0800 UTC) they heard country music and an ID. After that KXL blocked the frequency but there was country music under KXL.

Andersson Sigvard



Others were unneeded, so concentrated on 930 and 1290 and heard nothing there.  Did hear KSEI, so I knew path was open to next-door Montana. Suspected that those tests didn't run and gave up after an hour of listening.  Due to our local "weighty 680" (KNBR), did not attempt KKGR.
Art Peterson
Richmond, CA


I had a real problem with WWKK in MI, who I believe was on their day rig. They throw their 1 kW to the NE, so I expect that they were also noticed by Saul and Niel, but not too many others.  Anyway, after listening to C&W in the mix for half an hour, I finally caught a "750 K-E-R-R" ID at 0235-0236 EST.MT #3, and much wanted here!

With locals on 580 and 1310, and the 930 and 1290 tests apparently not running, my other options were limited.  I spent quite a bit of time on 680, but to no avail.  With juggernaut CFTR phased, I had WRKO off the backside, probable WPTF from the south, and yet another MI pest to the west, WDBC. They seemed way too strong to be on their night rig.

After hitting the sack at 0400, I set up for recording on 930, and had some success.  No MT, of course, but at 0800 I had a nice ID from needed WLBL, a WI daytimer, and also relogged rare KKIN-MN.

It was good fun having such a large and lively group on the #mwdx chat...y'all come back soon, y'hear?   Thanks to all concerned for organizing the tests!
Barry McLarnon  VE3JF 

Ottawa, ON



These Montana tests were great fun with these heard:

580    KANA heard with sweep tones.  New.
680    KKGR heard with sweep tones and fast CW.  New.
750    KERR heard with CW music and ID's. New.
1290  KGVO heard at 0306 with ID and than into Coast to Coast.  Not new and
sounds like they on RS.  This one is heard at times around sunrise.

KGVO and KEIN were not heard.  Thanks to all for these tests!
Bill Block
Prescott Valley, AZ


The first thing is that we had a lot of fun on #mwdx comparing what we heard or did not hear.   Many of us learned almost immediately that KLCY 930 and KGVO 1290 probably were not running the test and knew not to listen for them.  We also learned what the testing stations were playing in real time.  The biggest kick was just being able to talk to other DXers.

Overall, I would rate the conditions to the west at about 4 or 5 on a scale of 0 to 10.  It could have been much better, but it was still good enough for stronger stations to make it through if the channels were clear enough.

On a personal note, only one of the stations was definitely heard here in Maryland - KERR 750.  I had them in for about 15 minutes 0229 to 0245 and caught two clear IDs.  They played various country music numbers. Despite knocking down WSB several s units, WSB was still a major problem.  There was also interference from an oldies station, a couple of Latin stations, and a Sports station.  So much for clear channels. A clip has already been sent off for a QSL.

In summary, we had a good time on #mwdx and I would consider the test to be a success overall.  I have a new state and life is wonderful.

Bill Harms
Elkridge, Maryland



Hi Les,
Here it is!  Recorded at 0709 UTC with good audio quality, recorded off an Eton E1 using ECSS, 175 meter beverage antenna.  More trivia:The distance to Berlevåg is a little more than 4,000 miles (the exact coordinates are on www.kongsfjord.no).  It was windy, dry and 35F outside.

Just prior to the KERR ID I heard KXL Portland quite strong but they faded.  15 minutes later I heard WSB which is in fact new for me.

I need to listen to recordings to find out if I heard other MT stations that morning. I am not too optimistic though.  No trace of WODI either.

Many, many thanks to you and the guys in WY and MT who made this possible. From the world's northernmost DX-er

Bjarne Mjelde, Berlevag, Arctic Norway
blog: arcticdx.blogspot.com


(Editor’s Note: Bjarne’s review of those recordings revealed that he had also received the 5KW signal of KKGR on 680khz!)


Thinking that only KERR would be even remotely possible, I set my alarm to 2:55 a.m. local time, got up, went down to the shack and set my iRiver IFP-890 recorder to archive the whole hour on 750.

I had the R75 set up on the large pennant, and phased the pennant against my dipole with the Quantum Phaser.  My problem here was getting rid of CBGY from Newfoundland.  I could knock it down to almost the noise level, but then had to contend with a dimmer switch-typr buzz from another direction.

Anyway, after getting up this morning, I just scanned through the hour of recording and heard nothing of note, not even WSB.

So, it's a bust here in Doaktown, but thanks to those who were involved in setting the test up!

Congratulations to Scott in Rochester, and Bill in Maryland.  Those two locations are close enough to be to make me think it was "doable" from here had I a better, quieter, location.
Brent Taylor, VE1JH
Doaktown, NB



I think I was able to hear the KKGR test last night 11-19-06 on 680 kHz around 2:02am (EST) here in Pennsylvania. In the attached clip I believe I hear the sweep tones at 6 sec., 23 sec. and three times at 29 seconds into the clip. I looked at the clip with Spectrum Lab and can see a sweep pattern on the visual display similar to those of other DX tests in the past. While I feel I likely heard them, if you don't feel this clip supports the reception report, I understand. This was the only test of the 6 scheduled that were heard here in PA despite having 6 radios connected to computers recording during the tests.

Radio: Icom R70 with 100' sloper (pointed west)

Thanks for all the work you did in putting together these tests. I appreciate the chance to hear states that otherwise would go unheard!!
Brett Saylor, N3EVB

Central, PA


(Editor’s Note: Brett’s recording of KKGR actually turned out to be quite clear.)


I set up my radio a bit earlier in the evening so that I could jump right in at the right time.  I was using the RS DX-398 with RS Loop.  I connected it to the PC and recorded everything with Total Recorder.  I also set up Spectran to see if it could help me pick out the morse code.  As it turns out, that didn't work - maybe the code was too fast, maybe the display was too slow, but at the times I heard morse, all I saw on the screen were a couple of white specks around 1Khz.

I tried for all of the stations except for 930, where I have a strong local.

I started out on 750, since KERR was only testing for 1 hour.  KOAL was very strong, as usual.  While I have heard Fallon, NV here with C&W, I was told by some other DXers that at least one of the songs I was hearing, "Convoy" at 11:16 PST, was from KERR.  Indeed, after reviewing my recording, at 11:08 PST, I heard a partial ID "... Country Original, 750, K-E-R-R".

Down to 580, I had to fight through a strong KMJ.  The best I can do here is a possible set of sweep tones around 11:33-11:34.  I'll let you listen to the clip and see if my ears were deceiving me, or if I really did hear KANA, but I think they are there.

On 680, KNBR was its usual powerhouse self, but at 11:43, I heard some fast morse code, so I believe that I heard KKGR.

1290 was a bust.  The only stations I heard were KCUB, KKDD and KAZA, all unneeded.

I also did not hear anything on 1310 from KEIN, however at 00:30, I heard an ID from "CHLW", for my 3rd Canadian, and 4th most distant station logged.  2 of my top loggings are now from St. Paul, one from Alberta, and the other from Minnesota.  I'm really pleased with this, even though I was not able to log KEIN.

Later, after the test was over,  I went back to 580 just to see what else was out there.  After hearing some C&W, at 1:27AM I was rewarded with a clear ID from "Real Country, K-U-B-C", for another new one to add to the log.

So the final tally from the DX Test:
580-KANA: Yes, sweep tones.
680-KKGR: Yes, fast morse.
750-KERR: Yes, music and voice ID.
930-KLCY: No, not attempted.
1290-KGVO: No.
1310-KEIN: No.

5 new stations heard, 3 from MT, making for a total of 4 stations now logged from MT.

This was really a lot of fun, especially chatting with the other DXers across the country in the chatroom.
Brian Leyton
Valley Village, CA


Managed to stay up 'til 0125 CST this morning listening for the Montana tests. Nothing heard on 580, sweep tones and CW ID from KKGR-680 around 0116CST, on 750 c&w mx fading in/out with WSB in KRMG splatter 0110CST or so, nothing noted on 930, 1290 or 1310.

Decided to record from 0130-0200CST on 750 and was rewarded with a nice ID at 0136 from KERR.

So....two new Montana stations for me this morning! Thanks to all that arranged and conducted these tests.....
Bruce Winkelman AA5CO
Tulsa, OK



I monitored 3 of the Montana frequencies on Sunday 19 November but with no firm evidence of DX tests. But for the record, here is what was audible at my listening post in
Mangawhai, Northland, using the AOR7030+ and 110m BOG beamed towards Texas.
1310 AM was monitored from 12.01am to 12.37am Mountain Standard Time. The dominant station was Radio Disney (KMKY, San Francisco CA), but there were also traces of a US talk station and a Spanish-speaker. At 12.25:45 an ascending tone was heard followed by a promotional announcement in Spanish.  The talk station had a news bulletin on the
half-hour, read by a woman announcer.
1290 AM was monitored from 12.38am till 1.22am MST.  Three formats were audible in the mix here - Radio Disney (KKDD Riverside CA), a talk station that carried Fox News on the hour plus Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell (likely to be KPAY Chico CA), and an unidentified Spanish language broadcaster.
930 AM was monitored from 1.22am until 2.02am MST.  This was the most difficult frequency to monitor due to side splash from New Zealand stations on 927 and 936 AM.  Two formats were identifiable here - a Spanish language talk station, possibly with religious content (likely KHJ Los Angeles CA) and an unidentified station heard only at 1.38am MST
with Country-type folk music.  I thought I could hear periods of tone test (no change in pitch) on this frequency eg at 1.33am but listening was too difficult to identify any pattern to these.

Please pass on my thanks to the organizers of these DX Tests - I had been reasonably optimistic that Montana might come through, having heard KBOI 670 in the past. Till next Sunday's test, best 73 from New Zealand,
Bryan Clark

New Zealand


Just got a nice full ID "AM 750 KERR, Polson, MT" & into an old C & W song. Sweep tones & morse code ID's heard on 580 & 680 kHz.
Craig Barnes
Wondervu, CO


750Khz-Heard  OLDIES  ( 'lil GTO)   at  03:58 ELT.  Also fading  C&W  at  03:55 ELT .   Eric  Clapton song heard at 04:22 ELT. No ID 's  heard  680Khz-Bits of  C&W  music heard   between  0:200  and  0:400  ELT under  pesty  KNBR!                  

Lester Kleidon 
Suburban  Chicago ,IL  


 No luck. Nothing heard at this QTH. Tried from 0200 to 0330 EST on all six frequencies. Heard WDBO on 580 in Orlando. They ID about twenty times an hour , it seems. Also heard  "right here on 1310 AM, WYND Deland (Florida), very weak. at about 0322 EST, probably running their night power of 95 watts, although they have a CP for 115 watts at night. They have made it here before under auroral conditions. But alas , no Montana........Thanks to all involved for the tests..... 73     

Chris, K4CME    

Northern South Carolina


Big Sky test heard in Illinois, but only from KKGR AM 680 East Helena, Montana.  Even then, I only heard the sweep tones and Morse code underneath WPTF.  But I did hear this for nearly two hours straight, and if my clock is correct, they actually went a couple of minutes over the stated end time.  None of the other stations participating in the test were heard at Paxton, Illinois.  Receivers used were: a DX-375; a Panasonic RF-B45; and a Montgomery Wards multi-band Airline, made around 1978.
Curtis Sadowski




I'm enjoying going all around the dials here.

Successes thus far:
580 KANA  A couple cycles of sweep tones only.  (CKXR ID heard at 0300ET, hi) New.
680 KKGR Strong. Heard before.
750 KERR  Mixing with KOAL and KXL. New.
930 Nothing yet.
1290 Finally heard after the test. So I got all except 930!
1310 Fair in mix. Heard before.
Doug Pifer
Albany, OR


KKGR heard approximately 0230.  Sweep tones, very fast Morse IDs. Thought I might be hearing things the first time but the second time it was definitely KKGR Morse. 

No sign on any other frequency.  Thought KERR would be the big signal here but WSB is way too strong.
Doug Smith W9WI
Pleasant View (Nashville), TN


Heard sweep on 680 khz so far in Champaign, IL.
Duane Whittingham, N9SSN

Champaign, IL


Just checking in with the results of my efforts to hear the Big Sky DX tests. I will not be sending a reception report, as I am not interested in verification.


Heard: KKGR 680 East Helena with sweep tones and Morse IDs.


Tried for but did not hear:

KANA 580 Anaconda

KERR 750 Polson (heard probable CKJH with classic hits or oldies)

KLCY 930 East Missoula

KGVO 1290 Missoula


Did not try for:

KEIN 1310Great Falls (have a local, WIBA, on 1310)

Bill Dvorak    

Madison WI



Nice ID after C&W tune from KERR 750 -- I had (dumbly perhaps) thought they too would have tones & such, so kept waiting for the music to fade . . .

No luck on 580 or 680 or 930.

Thanks all.
Eric Floden
Vancouver BC


I listened during the early morning hours of November 19 for the six Montana AM radio stations conducting test transmissions. I am in Lincoln, NE. I listened only on my CRYSTAL RADIO that is capable of hearing most anything on the air. I would call the band conditions for that night to be average.


The station heard both day and night here on 580 khz is WIBW in Topeka Kansas. It dominates the frequency. However, I faintly heard the test signal of KANA behind the signal of WIBW. I heard it a couple of times during the first hour of the tests.


We do hear KNBR on 680 khz here in Lincoln most nights. It was not particularly strong on this night. The signal of KKGR was easily copied all the time. It was stronger than KNBR most of the time.


There was no hint of any signal from any of the other four stations from Montana during the test period. On 750, WSB from Atlanta, GA. dominates the frequency every night including this one. KKAR is in Omaha, NE. only 50 miles from me on 1290 khz. It takes a very strong signal to come over it.


You can see my crystal radio at www.crystalradio.us. Check the results of the 2006 contest. I have logged three other Montana radio stations in the last couple of years on it. They are: KATL in Miles City on 770 on the morning of 12-5-05. KXTL in Butte on 1370 on the night of 1-14-06 as they were broadcasting a basketball game. KFLN in Baker on 960 on the night of 12-5-05.

Evan Haydon

Lincoln, NE


I managed to stay up a bit past 0700 UT Nov 19, using my bedside Realistic 12-656A with its internal ferrite bar antenna only, aimed toward MT. Promptly at 0700 on 580 I heard VVV DE but could not copy anything further; who else would be running a V marker on that frequency at that hour? Then up to 680, and got plenty of identifiable material, altho always mixed with several other stations. 0703 sweep tones, 0704 phone-off-the-hook, more sweeps; 0705 VVV DEKKGR, sent rather rapidly but I still could copy it on the first try. 0715 recheck, more sweeps on 680.

930 was a lost cause with WKY here, mostly music in Spanish, though I checked it a couple times. No phasing here! From 0708 to 0713 or so tried 1290 and 1310 but nothing; however, Art Bell from Manila was mentioning propagation on the 20 m band being better in the equatorial regions where ionization lasts into the night.

It wasn’t clear to me whether 750 would be on the air or not any during the first hour, but WSB dominates here. It did fade down a couple of times, and MT should have made it if on with 50 kW ND. Thanks to everyone involved in making this sextuple-test happen. 73,

Glenn Hauser

Enid OK


Sad to say, but join the club. Maybe we'll have better luck next time. I did, however, hear AZ for the first time tonight. I also heard a new station in IA and KY.
Bert New
Watkinsville, Georgia


I am happy to report my reception of two of the stations participating in the 11-19-2006 "Big Sky" DX test event - KERR-750, and KKGR 680.  I have KERR logged and QSL'd from years ago, so am submitting this reception report for KKGR only.

First, let me apologize for the delay in getting this to you.  I had initially neglected to tag/ID the mp3 file when I transferred it to my PC, and since I had been doing a lot of DX recordings that particular week, I had to go back and listen to a few hours of mp3s 'til I located the one for KKGR.

For the first hour of the test period, I listened live and tuned around for all the participating stations, yet heard only un-needed KERR-750.  Since the results on the MWDX chat didn't reflect hardly any test receptions East of the Mississippi (save for KERR), I decided to hit the sack, and set the recorder up. KKGR-680 seemed to hold the most promise, so I
recorded the last hour of their test period, and was rewarded with some bits of code and the distinctive sweep and other tones around 1:02 - 1:03 AM MST.

I have attached an mp3 of what was received here. Signal was not strong, and there was heavy QRM from 3 different stations;  WPTF - Raleigh, WCTT - Corbin, KY, and WWTQ - Memphis.  As with practically all the tests I hear, the sweep tones cut through the interference the best.

My receiver is a Drake R-8 and antenna used was a Kiwa Loop. I had the Drake set to LSB using the 2.3 kHz filter.

Thank you for setting up this great event, and as always, your QSL card would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again and 73,

J.D. Stephens
Hampton Cove, AL


(Upon hearing KKGR 680khz) Not loud, but in there.
Good start.
John K9RZZ
Milwaukee, WI


After a big Sunday morning of DX Tests, here is how I ended my DX session:
 580 KANA I heard sweep tones, but very weak signal. WIBW was the dominant station here on this channel.
 680 KKGR I heard sweep tones at 0130 at decent strength, then into morse code.
 750 KERR I heard various Country songs under WSB. I was on MWDX Starchat and others have confirmed the Country songs I heard were from KERR. I did not hear any ID. This is my only way of confirming it was KERR. WSB was a problem here.
 930 KLCY No show here, due to WKY in Spanish so strong.
1290 KGVO No show as well. KIVY was heard as well as by others.
1310 KEIN No show here, KTCK in Dallas very strong on the channel.
I am happy with 3 new stations out of 6. New State for me...Yahoo
Thanks to all involved in setting this up, and confrats to all who reaped new stations and new state.
James Niven

(Editor’s Note: Location Unknown)


I am pleased to report reception of KKGR radio on Sunday, November 19, 2006 between 12:00 and 2:00 AM, Mountain Standard Time on the AM radio frequency of 680 kiloHertz. I am located in Clinton Ontario (about 110 miles east of Toronto). Reception took place during a special "DX Test" program. Reception details are listed below.

TIME                     ITEM

12:17:00 AM, MST -Long audio sweep tone followed by Morse Code. I heard what sounded like 4 dashes repeated 4 times “---- ---- ---- ----” (1000 Hertz pitch).

12:17:15 -Short audio sweep tones (about 2 per second, I counted 29, the last one was 2 tones run together).

12:17:40 -Morse Code: Again I heard what sounded like 4 dashes repeated 4 times “---- ---- ---- ----” (1000 Hertz pitch).

12:17:55 -Long audio sweep tone followed by Morse Code. I heard what sounded like 4 dashes repeated 4 times “---- ---- ---- ----” (1000 Hertz pitch).

12:18:40 -Short audio sweep tones (about 2 per second, only able to count 26).

12:19:05 Morse Code: Again I heard what sounded like 4 dashes repeated 4 times “---- ---- ---- ----” (1000 Hertz pitch).

I then tuned off frequency to try for the other”Big Sky DX Tests”. I tuned back to 680 Khz at 1:41 AM, MST to hear very weak sweep tones, but was unable to hear anymore details.


RECEIVER -AOR AR7030 Plus, solid state, communications receiver.
ANTENNA -130 foot long terminated random wire antenna (low noise with 9:1
matching transformer) up 20 feet pointed to the west.
MISC -Also used was a Timewave DSP-599 zx, digital audio filter and a Sony
MDS-JB940, minidisc recorder deck.



INTERFERENCE -Severe from several stations, mainly WNZK, Dearborn MI, WDBC, Escanaba MI, and CFTR, Toronto ON all on 680 kHz.
FADING -Severe.
COMMENTS -I also heard the KERR, 750 kHz “DX Test” during this time period, but not really enough was heard to report it (I heard the KERR call letters given between 2 Country & Western songs at 12:23 AM MST with WSB phased out). I listened the entire 2 hour period but only heard KKGR and KERR. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to run these test programs for all of us long distance radio "DXers".It was greatly appreciated. If my report is accurate, I would welcome your verification of  KKGR for my collection.
Jeff Falconer - VA3NN
Clinton, Ontario

I caught KERR several times during the hour, but not continuously. I used a Sony portable, ICF SW07, with WSB nulled as best as possible. There were periods that WSB was inaudible and other times that they were dominant. In addition to KERR and WSB on the channel there was one other station that I was unable to identify but was always secondary to either WSB or KERR. I think the third station was playing oldies or classic rock.

I caught two definite station ids for KERR, two tunes I'm pretty sure of the titles and one maybe. Unfortunately classic country is not a genre I'm very familiar with so several of the tunes I heard I can't identify.

Station Ids at 0023 MST and at 0043 MST

Tune "Honey" by Bobby Goldsboro at 0009 tentative from KERR. This tune faded in from the noise and faded away before I heard any other id or jingle. I think this was over the third station, not from the third station. Again, tentative.

Tune "Long Haired Country Boy" at 0023 MST coming after the id

Tune "Wolverton Mountain" at 0030 MST fading in out of the noise

At the best times the signal was SIO322. At worst times SIO050.
Jerry Lenamon
Waco, Texas




Thanks for putting this together. It was a mixed bag here in NJ.


930-580 and 1310 were no go, very tentative. I initially had Latino music on 750 so I worked the other channels while checking the e-mail to determine if, and what was getting out.



930 KLCY, extremely??? code at 0230:30 (0030:30), barely readable....

and not even going in the log, unless by some miracle it corresponds to the

time of the code transmission


680 KKGR ,

0233 EST (0033 MST), very faint, yet distinct code and in the background of the other stations

0250 EST (0050 MST) probable tones

0250:45 (0050:45)  again, very faint morse code

0300: (0100)   very faint morse code

No verbal id's,


750 KERR


Les, I had the Latino and was not paying attention closely until after 0240 - 0242. All that I had was C&W music, standing alone beneath WSB. WSB very dominant, and hard to null. This corresponded to Bill Harms quick email indicating that he had KERR at 0230 EST. Signal was brief, music distinctive to older, not modern type C&W (70's to 80's). Gone from 0244 to 0300.


This may not be enough to QSL, as it did not ride up for a long enough period to be identifiable or snag a lucky ID, or, better yet, a song title.


Thanks again for putting this together.

Jim Chenard

Blairstown, NJ


I heard KKGR at around 0205 to 0210 (not sure of the exact time as I was taping several frequencies at once. I've got a pretty fair segment of code on 680 for KKGR and was pleasantly surprised!  Unfortunately none of the others made it here with the possible reception of 750 KERR. Not enough detail to go on and no recording made of it. I hope this matches up with what you had them running! 73's and great DX and MANY thanks to you and the rest for setting up this "Mega test"!
John Hunter
Rossville GA


Icom IC-R75, Kiwa loop, MFJ-959B tuner-preamp or Sony GE Superadio III, Terk AM1000 loop (for 1230 nightly dx taping.)

680 KKGR MT East Helena 11-18 0211 Sweeps & code ids in w/others. Still
in @:25 recheck. Other MT tests not heard. NEW! JJR-WI

930 WRVC WV Huntington 11-10 0222 Poor -calls, ESPN Sportscenter o/UNID

1230 WMPC WI Lapeer 11-17 0200 Fair out of nowhere w/"This is WMPC
Lapeer" (YL:) "It's 2 O'Clock" Nothing else! Jumbled before & after and
LOUD for the id! NEW! JJR-WI

1230 WXCO WI Wausau 11-14 2000 Poor -clear w/ads for Rib Mt, Wausau, LID
into ESPN Football. Rare! JJR-WI
John J. Rieger

South Milwaukee,WI


Nancy and I listened for the Montana DX Tests from here in Billings....

580 KANA - Very weak, faint code heard briefly at 02:15. Nothing else. This is not very easy to hear here at any time.

680 KKGR - Strong with KNBR nulled. Long sections of code and sweeps - no problem figuring out this one was testing. Best of all for making it sound
like a test. 02:25-02:30 continuous sweeps, code, voice IDs including mention of Montana DX Test.

750 KERR - Very strong as expected. You can hear them here during the daytime. Legal ID, country music. No tones or code heard.

930 KLCY - Good with NOS and "KLCY - Classy 930" ID at 02:43. No tone or code heard at all.

1290 KGVO - weak signal with their normal talk program. "KGVO News Radio Missoula" ID at 03:00. No sign at all that they were testing. No code, no tones. Worst of all for test.

1310 KEIN - No sign of KEIN at all. This should have made it here as you can hear them during the daytime. Doubt if they were even on. Very strong CHLW   St. Paul, AB with country music all the time. CHLW is a pest here with quite a good signal most nights.

Overall, KKGR presented the best test.

Heard on both the Drake R8B and Icom IC-R71A using the Kiwa Loop. Just about equal signals, etc. on both receivers.
John and Nancy Johnson
Billings, MT


Here is my report for KKGR. KANA was sent in a separate e-mail. I also heard KERR-750 (just a voice ID, strong, in passing), butdid not hear KEIN, KLCY, or KGVO. However, I have logged those stations before on regular schedule.

I monitored KKGR on 680 kHz on November 19, 2006 from 2:50-2:58 AM   MST (12:50-12:58 AM MST) during the DX test. The signal was of good strength but was mixng with the even stronger signal of KNBR San Francisco and one other weak station. Overall readability of KKGR during this short monitoring period was about 95%.

Here is a summary of what I heard (EST): 2:50:40 one Code ID; 2:51:20 two Code ID's; 2:53:35 voice ID by man: "KKGR East Helena, 680 kHz conducting equipment tests"; 2:54:45 telephone "off-the-hook" sound; 2:55:52 one Code ID; 2:56:45 one Code ID; 2:57:18 one Code ID; I tuned out at 2:58 to look for the other stations. The Morse Code ID's all
contained the same text: "VVV VVV de KKGR KKGR KKGR" and were sent at very fast rate, probably 25-30 wpm. At all other times during the monitoring period, sweep tones were transmitted.

 My receiver is a Drake R-8 communications receiver and a 4-foot "loop" antenna oriented approximately NW-SE.

Thanks to all involved in putting these tests on the air. I do not have the capability to send audio clips via e-mail but did save a short cassette recording (about 3 minutes) if interested. I hope the above details are sufficient for a verification.



Here is my reception report for the DX test from KANA, heard on 580 kHz on November 19, 2006, from 2:20-2:41 AM EST (12:20-12:41 AM MST). The signal was of fair strength on peaks, and was mixing with WIBW Topeka and XEMU in Mexico. Only the Morse Code ID's and sweep tones were audible here during this 20-minute period, i.e. no voice ID's. Actually, I did hear a voice ID earlier at 2:05 AM, but did not have the tape continuously running until 2:20. The voice ID went like this (male voice): "KANA in Anaconda, Montana conducting equipment tests...??...DX test. KANA, The Mighty 580 Anaconda, Montana"; a female voice followed but all I could make out as "...conducting transmitter testing".
Here are the details for my continuous 20-minute log; sweep tones were heard at all times except for those noted below: Morse Code ID's heard at (EST) 2:20:30 (1), 2:21:15 (2), 2:26:38 (1), 2:27:42 (1), 2:28:20 (1), 2:29:24 (1), 2:30:10 (1), 2:31:05 (1), 2:35:26 (1), 2:36:13 (2), and 2:41:38 (1). The text  for each code ID was the same: "VVV VVV de KANA KANA KANA" sent at "moderate" speed. Telephone "off-the-hook" sounds were observed at 2:25 and 2:40; a siren sound was heard at 2:35.

John Wilkins

Wheat Ridge, CO (Metro Denver)


Had a great time DX'ing the Montana tests last night. The following are reception reports. Audio clips are in .wav format. The only recording media I have is the Sound Recorder included in Windows XP. Hope this format is acceptable. Thank you.


Only 2 of the 6 Montana Tests were positively heard, KANA-580 & KKGR-680. KERR-750 was most likely heard, as there was a fairly strong station on 750Khz playing old C&W music, such as Freddie Fender etc, but no Morse, sweeps, etc. The station faded out completely at the 0300ELT TOH before ID could be heard....aggghhhh!! No audio recording made. No ID heard, may not have been KERR.


Careful monitoring of 930 & 1290 revealed no trace of Morse, sweeps, etc. 1310 has a strong local here which I could almost totally phase out, but no sign of KEIN.

John Tucker

Mesa, AZ


I'm having a very difficult time in S E Michigan. 3 of the 6 channels have local stations (580, 680, 1310), 2 are semi-local (930, 1290), leaving only KERR on 750.

After nulling WSB, the best I could manage was some underlying country music
sounds drifting in and out. I'll go back and replay my tape to see if I
salvage anything.

My thanks to all involved as well.
Joe Miller, Troy, Michigan

(Editors Note: Joe’s recording revealed enough programming details to verify KERR. Joe is also the designed of the very attractive QSL cards for most of our recent tests. A big thank you to him!)


Not sure who I was hearing under WSB, but they played "Miss America Pie", "Linda on my Mind", and "Islands in the Stream" from 0230 to 0236 EST. 

jpb in WMASS.


Heard on a CCRadio, nekkid:

KANA 580 -Yes. Sweep tones 1215. Weak. Under KUBC. NEW

KKGR 680 - Yes. Sweep tones 1201 Weak. Blasted by KNBR. NEW

KERR 750 - Yes. Old C&W 1213 very weak under KOAL and Art Bell. NEW

KLCY 930 - No. Only KSEI.

KGVO 1290 - No. Only sports from Tucson.

KEIN 1310 - No. Way too much local KXAM.

Thanks to Mike Richard for lining this up and thanks for promotion 
and all to Les Rayburn.

I got three new stations from this and it brings my total to 873.

Kevin Redding

Editors Note: Location Unknown



Thanks to everyone involved in the Montana DX Test night. KKGR was the only one heard here in Mission Viejo. Below is my reception report and attached are two MP3 files. The one labeled with an "a" is for 1:30:40 and "b" is for 1:35:15.


Reception Details

Station: KKGR

Date: November 19, 2006

Time: 1:30:40 to 1:40 AM MST

Frequency: 680 KHz


Receiver/antenna: Hammarlund HQ-180A (communications receiver built in the 1960’s) and a 1-foot square directional air core loop antenna.

Reception conditions: The signal strength was poor. There was severe interference from KNBR in San Francisco. There was moderate signal fading and the static level was moderate. Overall your signal was poor. I’m surprised that the test was heard through KNBR. They dominate 680 kHz.


Program Details:

1:30:40     I tuned in to sweep tones followed by fast (20-25 wpm) code ID "VVV DE KKGR KKGR KKGR" and tones sweeping up and then nothing.

1:35:15     One sweep tone followed by another Morse code ID and sweep tones.

1:36:00     Another Morse code ID followed by more sweep tones.

1:40:00     I tuned out.


Thanks again for everyone involved in the DX tests and thanks for taking on the veries. Joe Miller is my cousin so it's neat that he designed the veries.

 Martin Foltz

Mission Viejo CA


My life is complete! KKGR heard multiple times on 680 with code and sweep tones...15 miles away from KNBR's 50KW stick.

KERR in strong on 750 with many good IDs
KANA heard once with code and once with sweeps, though its barely getting through a miniscule KMJ null.
No luck yet on 930 (KSEI QRM), 1290 (KAZA), 1310 (KMKY)
Mike Hawkins
Campbell CA


DXing with Sony 2010  Sony  M40W and YAESU FT-897 with KIWA loop antenna..  KANA  580 heard fair to good through KMJ. QRM here in Southern CA  (LA county) on 11-18-2006 pst/11-19-2006 mst.  2311 pst 0011 mst heard very distinct sweep tones cutting through with possible repeat at 2314/0014.  At 2338 pst/0038 mst  I heard what I could best describe as "double BEEPS". 'Didn't hear anything else from this station but was happy to log it. Pretty good strength and level here for just 1 kw. Please send a verification. Thanks to everybody who was involved in arranging these fine test programs.

Mike Sanburn, KG6LJU

Bellflower, CA


KKGR 680 11/19/06  heard 1:19am CST (12:19am MST) with ascending sweep tones, fast Morse IDs, and even a voice ID.  Under and over the channel, interference made up of KFEQ St. Joseph, CJOB Winnipeg, and KNBR San Francisco.   One-minute MP3 attached.

Thanks for the opportunity to hear Big Sky country on AM.
Carl Mann
Omaha, NE


KKGR-680 going strong w/ sweeps CW & Voice ID's

KERR-750 C&W Music and Voice ID's

KANA-580 Sweeps and CW ID's

No sign of the others here...One new and two needed for veries....
Wayne Heinen, N0POH

(Editors Note: Location Unknown)

580, KANA, Anaconda MT, 02:15, code under KIDO and KUBC
Frank N7SOK

(Editors Note: Last Name and location unknown)


KGVO's night pattern is 5 KW aimed quite favorably for Walt. ie..I don't think we can presume it was testing on RS and noting no one heard code/sweeps etc.

With that in mind, did anyone for certain hear KEIN testing ?


73...from the oversleeping idiot who did manage to get up 7 minutes prior to the sked 0900 UTC end of tests to here KKGR code and sweeps thru an unusually strong KNBR here on the BOGs in Barrington IL

PS..next time I"ll put the alarm clock in bed with me so I don't sleep thru it !

Neil Kazaross

(Editors Note: Location Unknown)


I am pleased to report that I managed to increase my Montana totals by 100% from 1 heard to 2 heard, thanksto 750-KERR.  My other Montana dates back to a  790-KGHL frequency check (remember those?) back in 1976 (when I was in Junior High).  I have a green QSLcard for that one.

I didn't try all of the Montana frequencies.  Here's what I had:

580:  Didn't bother trying here.  I figured there would be too much CKPR/CKWW/CFRA.

680:  was able to hear nostalgia music (I assume WINR-Binghamton) and WRKO-Boston in the CFTR-Toronto null.

750:  Was able to get rid of WSB with the Radio West Loop.  Still had to contend with WWKK-Petoskey and CJKH-Melfort.  But I got the ID at 0245 ELT as well as some C&W music.  Had I not been in Burnt River I don't think I would have heard this.  At home the CHWO splatter from 740 would have been too much.

930:  Didn't bother trying.

1290:  Spent a lot of time working on nulling CJBK-London.  Heard oldies on the frequency, whichsticks out.  Assume it was CFRW-Winnipeg.

1310:  Didn't bother with this one. Figured CIWW-Ottawa would be too much of a problem.

Also finally heard Arizona on 660, so it was a productive evening for me.
Niel Wolfish


Sweep tones also heard here from KANA.  I should note that Salmon Arm is still around, as they are dominating the frequency here tonight.
Nigel Pimblett
Dunmore, Alberta


(KERR 750) Blasting in with C&W totally creaming KXL with “Honey” by Bobby Goldsboro, after a nice ID
Patrick Martin
Seaside, OR


Here in N.E. MN CK-750 was hammering me with oldies during the entire test. KERR did show up well enough to get an I.D. under CK-750.  WSB was lost under CKJH [CK-750].  Only other test heard was KKGR on 680.  Nothing from the others.
Paul LaFreniere
Grand Marais, MN


Here's what happened at my home in N Seattle.

  580 Didn't hear anything resembling a test. Conditions were such that Idaho was weak (with C2C). No other station heard.  680 Knocked my socks off!!! Voice ID, tone risers, code, sweep tones all heard well. KNBR completely nulled by KIWA (thanks Craig). NEW
  750 Caught one ID between CW selections
  930 Couple of stations, no sign of testing or IDs from MT
1290 No testing heard
1310 Caught one ID between MOYL selections

All on Drake R-7 with KIWA loop. The one station I needed came in SUPER well!!
Phil Bytheway
Seattle WA



580 - All KIDO, Salmon Arm (?). I note that Nigel says Salmon Arm is  still on even though it is omitted from the new NRC log. I didn't  hear an ID but the sports highlight at 0303 was about the Raptors. 680 - KKGR excellent w/sweep tones & fast CW IDs thru KNBR football  recaps. Really good if that is indeed only 500w. 750 - Changes places on top with KXL. Mammoth. 930 - All CJCA & ESPN (KSEI?). I would think KLCY would be easy here  unless it is hopping over me. 1290/1310 - wiped out by my new neighbor, KKOL

I am taping 930 from 0310-0330 EST & 580 from 0330-0400.
Pete Taylor
Tacoma, WA


First of all, let me say thanks to all who facilitated the Montana Special
DX Test. Your efforts on behalf of all MW DXers is very much appreciated!!
I only tried for the 1310 khz. KEIN signal but unfortunately to no avail.
All was not lost, however, as I did snag a new one but much closer to home,
viz. WTZN, Troy, PA, at 72 watts and 154 miles distance. Report and
recording to follow in an upcoming note.
Pete Jernakoff, K3KMS

Northern Delaware


Thanks to all that wrote back. At 12:55 am I tuned in
680 and heard under KNBR one cw i.d. and a couple of
sweep tones. I then tuned to the other stations in the
test and heard nothing. I then retuned KKGR and heard
more sweep tones and maybe(not sure) another cw
i.d.(KNBR was very strong here that night) KKGR was
weak but copyable under the other station. I think
that it they hadn`t been so strong then I could have
given KKGR a better report. I was late to the test so
I wasn`t able to hear what if anything was said or
done at its beginning. I finally tuned out at about
1:05 am. Hope this is a little better of a report.


(Editors Note: Last name and city unknown)


Happy to report reception of KERR-750 here in Rocklin CA. Pretty good
signal when able to override the interference from KXL in Portland OR
and KOAL in Price UT. Here's details of reception:

Station   KERR   Location   Polson MT   Frequency   750 khz.   Time  
0218-0259 AM, EST, 11/19/06

11:18   In progress - C&W musical selection - male vocalist "Convoy."
11:19   C&W musical selection - male vocalist.
11:23   C&W musical selection - male vocalist.
11:27   C&W musical selection - male vocalist.
11:30   Station ID; "750-K-E-R-R-Polson Montana."
11:30   C&W musical selection - male vocalist  "Wolverton Mountain."
11:33   C&W musical selection - male vocalist
11:36   C&W musical selection - Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton "Islands in
the Stream."
11:40   C&W musical selection
11:44   Station ID: "---750-K-E-R-R---."
11:44   C&W musical selection - male vocalist.
11:47   C&W musical selection - female vocalist.
11:51   Station ID: "---750-K-E-R-R---."
11:51   C&W musical selection - male vocalist "I'll Be There Before the
Next Teardrops Fall."
11:53   C&W musical selection by male vocalist.
11:57   C&W musical selection by male vocalist.
11:59   Lost signal due to power reduction.

My location, Rocklin CA, is approximately 20 miles northeast of
Sacramento. Just moved up here from the San Francisco Bay Area when I
retired last year. You probably know me as the Rocklin Rocket - the
sports network editor for IRCA's DX Monitor. Anyway hope the above
provides enough detail for issuance of a QSL. Again, my thanks to you
and everyone else involved in arranging the big Montana DX test night.
It was most certainly appreciated.
Bob Pietsch (aka The Rocklin Rocket)
Rocklin CA


I ended up hearing none. I was in #mwdx when Bill heard them but all I
had with WSB nulled was a very weak SS and noise. Another drawback of
the loop in the basement appears also to be an inability to get as good
a null as I could above grade level.
Russ Edmunds
Blue Bell, PA








KKGR-680  sweep tones several times.  0237 sweep tone a little stronger, then a Morse Code weakly. In KNBR null but never did get anything else.  I don’t read code but don’t know if strong enough to ID.


KERR-750  no ID’s heard, weak music.  Came up on top  0250 with C/w Freddy Fenders “Before the Next Teardrop Falls”

Followed @0252 with George Jones “He Stopped Loving Her Today”..faded down @0252 and never in again.




KANA-580 frequency a muddle


KGVO-1290 all KCUB AZ and a SS


KEIN-1310 was KFKA CO  KAHL TX and KKNS NM     


No sign of code or sweeps on any others.  I  already have QSL’s in my collection from KERR and KKGR but would really like to know if this was them.  I will check my tape later to see how the code came in.

Bill Nittler

(Editor’s Note: Location Unknown)


George Greene was visiting Rochester from Ohio tonight, so he and I
gathered at Jerry Bond's house in Irondequoit NY (north side of
Rochester) for a little Montana party. Jerry had his HQ140 and homebrew
loop, and I had my R8A and McKay Dymek DA5. No sign of any of the
lower-powered signals was heard, and nary a sweep tone or code ID, but
Jerry heard KERR with a voice ID at about 0215 EST on the Hammarlund,
while I had it with a voice ID at about 0237 on the Drake. Also new to
my logbook tonight was CKPR on 580, with a nice sung ID at about 0244.
CKPR was dominant, if barely so, on 580. 680 was a mix of CFTR and WINR.
930 was mostly semi-local WBEN, with presumed WIZR Johnstown NY on what
sounded like its day rig. 1290 was all CJBK, and 1310 was mostly
semi-local WRSB.

A fun time was had by all - and huge thanks to everyone involved in
setting this test up!
Scott Fybush
Rochester NY







Thank you very much for setting up the Montana DX Test.  I was able to hear KERR-750 (details below).  As for the others:


KEIN-1310 – too much local KCRA-1320 slop


KGVO-1290 – nothing heard


KANA-580 – a persistent hum under KMJ-Fresno may have been this one (0040 MST), but no ID


KKGR-680 – under KNBR-San Francisco around 0040 MST, I heard whistle tones, but no ID


Here are the details of my KERR-750 reception:




0014 – Country music with male singer


0015 – Station ID (recorded): “Seven-fifty K-E-R-R …”


-The song “Convoy.”


0017 – KXL takes over frequency completely


0018 – New country song heard under KXL


0020 – KERR signal very loud in KXL null.  A country song was heard whose title seemed to be “Country Bumpkin.”


0022 – KXL takes over again; country song heard underneath


0029 – KERR very loud; country song with female singer heard.


0030 – The song “Woverton Mountain.”


0033 – New country song


0035 – Recorded station identification: “Montana’s Country – Seven-Fifty K-E-R-R . . . Anderson Broadcasting station.”


Country song with male singer


Your signal when present was about S-5 on the very conservative S-meter on my Drake R-8.  The antenna used was the AOR WL-500 amplified loop/WL 500 LW-MW adapter.  The antenna was mostly, but not entirely, able to null the dominant signal on 750 from KXL Portland (which was running “Moneytalk” and thus was easy to separate in audio terms from KERR). There was also some mild slop from semi-local KCBS San Francisco (about 90 miles from Sacramento).  However, it was not a significant barrier to reception (KCBS nulls Sacramento at night to protect CBX Calgary; KNX-1070 Los Angeles actually has a louder signal here at night).

This equipment is in the loft area of my two-story townhouse.


The Montana stations I have verifications from (all for San Jose CA reception) are: KXLF-1370 Butte (August 31, 1970), KEIN-1310 Great Falls (June 11, 1973), KKGF-1310 Great Falls (June 22, 1970), KOFI-1180 Kalispell (December 7, 1970), KARR-1400 Great Falls (October 1971), KYSS-930 Missoula (May 1, 1972), KBMY-1240 Billings (March 27, 1972), KGVO-1290 Missoula (January 1, 1973), KOOK-970 Billings (September 2, 1971).   I also have a photo of KOOK-TV Channel 2 viewed from Dallas, Texas in 1967.   


I hope that you find this report to be of interest.  If you do, and you can verify that the details indicate that I have heard KERR-750,

Steve Kamp

Sacramento, CA 


Attached are MP3 recordings for 580 KANA heard about 00:01 a.m. MST; 680
KKGR heard about 00:06 a.m. MST; 750 KERR heard about 00:45 a.m. MST with voice ID going into "Convoy" old trucker CB tune; 1290 KGVO heard about 1:00 a.m. MST with voice ID, as part of regular programming--nothing about a DX test was heard.


Nothing was heard for 930 KLCY relating to a DX test; no
idents were heard either. 1310 had a fairly strong station playing MOYL,
nonstop with no voice between songs, except for once which had an
advertisement, but no ID, which might have been KEIN, but no voice IDs were
ever heard for the numerous times I checked it. KLIX Idaho was mostly
dominant on 1310.

An Icom R75 receiver was used in SSB mode, with a phased verticals antenna
aimed east. Thanks for you help in QSLing!
Thanks too to the stations for running the tests.
Steve Ratzlaff AA7U
Elgin, OR



Here are the wma. files for KKGR-680 Khz in E. helena (4.6 miles from my location), KANA-580 in Anaconda (57 miles) and KERR-750 in Polson (124 miles).

Nothing was heard from either KLCY-930 in E. Missoula, KGVO-1290 in Missoula or KEIN-1310 in Great Falls. If they were testing I would have more than likely heard them as all three stations are audible during the daytime.


KKGR was recorded from 12:02 AM MST, KANA was recorded from 12:14 AM MST and KERR was recorded from 12:30 AM MST.


Equipment used was an Icom IC-718 HF Transceiver into a Hustler 5BTV Vertical antenna and recorded on a Marantz PMD-360 Professional Cassette Recorder. Sound files were converted using Adobe Audition 2.0. 

Terry Palmersheim, KC7LDP

Helena, MT


I tried for these last night but heard nothing here in Winnipeg
73 and Best of DX
Shawn Axelrod
VE4DX1SMA (Editor’s Note: Location Unknown)

Only thing noted so far is KERR-750 in Polson.  Noted with ID shortly
after 2315 PST & then into CW McCall's "Convoy"...Under KXL but still
easily audible.  KOAL & KAMA nulled.

Nothing on 580, 930 or 1290 so far....680 & 1310 are covered by my
Don Kaskey

San Francisco, CA


580 KANA - Weak with sweep tones and fast code IDs.  A pleasant
surprise, as this station has never been heard on past DX tests.  New.

680 KKGR - Fair with sweep tones and fast code IDs.  This station gets
out well so I was optimistic I would get them.  New.

750 KERR - Not a trace.  Just usual KHWG/KOAL and heavy slop from
KFMB.  Unneeded.

930 KLCY and 1290 KGVO - Not a trace of either one.  Neither station
gets out well, so not totally surprising.  I haven't read everyone
else's posts yet, but I did see one person who mentioned KLCY and KGVO
might not have run the test.  Both needed.

1310 KEIN - Not a trace.  KEIN was a regular catch herein the 80s so I
would have expected this to poke through local XEC.  XEC was unusually
strong last night.  Unneeded.

So... 2 for 4 on stations I needed.  Thanks to all who set up these
tests!  Now if I can just find some time to transfer my KANA/KKGR
recordings to my computer so I can send them in...
Tim Hall
Chula Vista (near San Diego), CA


KKGR 680 heard with sweep tone and fast code - test began promptly at 00:00
Tom Jasinski
Shorewood, IL


I was able to hear the KKGR 680 test out of the six tests tonight.  I thought I heard something under WSB on 750 but didn't get any distinct details.

680 KKGR had very distinct but weak code and sweep tones heard here in South Bend, Indiana; 1312 miles from the KKGR transmitter site.

I heard the code IDs right at 0700 UT and noted the following;

0700:10 code ID weak under a weak WPTF.  There were no other dominant stations on this freq.
0706:02 sweep tones
0706:15 code IDs
0711:56 code IDs (very weak)
0714:20 sweep tones

These were heard using an Icom IC-725 ham transceiver with a 50 foot inverted L N/S orientation.

I last noted code IDs at 0725:15 approx using just a portable Sony ICF-SW7600GR with the built-in antenna about as good as the reception on the Icom.

I heard no trace of the other stations on 580, 930, 1290 or 1310
Thanks for the info on these tests.  I will look forward to all others this DX season.
Tom Laskowski
South Bend, IN


Vesa-Jussi Rinkinen here from Finland, North Europe, hi!

I am pleased to inform that I was able to catch KERR 750 AM during the Big Sky DX Test.


Attached, please, find a 50 second mp3 clip. KERR is there playing country music and giving an ID exactly on the 20th second "...KERR Polson Montana." The reception is interfered by a talk station.


I caught this on November 19th at 0023 Mountain time.


My receiver is a JRC NRD-525 and the antenna an end-terminated longwire of 900 yards, beamed towards the Rockies. 

Vesa-Jussi Rinkinen

Vantaa, Finland

(Editor’s Note: I wish that everyone could hear this recording! It was better than many of the domestic recordings that I heard, even from nearby Western states. Vesa also managed to log 680khz KKGR!)


Morse code and various tones heard at 0200 on 680 KKGR even signal with KNBR phased.


KERR 750 S-9 with KXL phased, CW and ID at 0235.  Two CW songs then ID.
Dennis Vroom
Vancouver, WA





As with Brent, nothing was heard here in Chipman with CBGY dominant on 750 KHz and a possible South American occasionally fading up with music, WSB may have faded in at 12:31 MT briefly.  I checked 680 at 1am MT, but only another very weak station with presumed News was under WRKO.


Thanks to everyone involved in putting this one together, it's always fun to try for them. And congratulations to all those who did manage to get a new one.

 Wade Smith, VE9WGS


Since migrating over from the SW world (where they NEVER have dx tests, save Radio St Helena), I decided to see what all the fun's about and decided to check out the scene.  Now, I'm a whole lot closer, of course,
to MT, so it wasn't really distant DX, but still a lot of fun.  I monitored all the frequencies and my comments follow:

750 at times was very strong with C&W music and normal IDs way over KXL Portland, the normally dominant frequency.  They must have been running day power.  No signs of sweeps or Morse IDs.

580 KANA Anaconda was the weakest MT station I heard, but just barely, and just the sweep  tones (at least until I listen to my mp3 files).  This was heard right at the beginning of the test.

KKGR 680 just boomed in with continuous sweeps, Morse IDs, and voice IDs from the start of the test.  Very strong and the best of the lot.

KGVO 1290 was heard with local IDs (and in fact as I type this, I can still hear them at 08:00 local) but no sweeps, tones, etc.  Weak but clearly heard.


1310 and heard a clear ID for "40 years of broadcasting KEIN", under KLIX Twin Falls, ID.  and CHLW with Lakeland and Cat Country IDs........(Editor’s Note: This was after the test at 8:40AM Local)

Well, not a new state for me, but still a lot of fun I have to admit, especially the couple I heard with the tones, sweeps, and Morse IDs!  Something completely different.  Thanks Les for making it possible!

Walt Salmaniw

Victoria, BC