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KQED Webcast: This is "Radio Fights Jim Crow" (American Radio Works Special)

Tonight, Thurs Feb 1, 8-9PM (PT) and Repeated 2AM (PT) [='s Fri.Feb 2 at 100-200 UT & 700 UT) on San Francisco's KQED

[This program, from Minnesota Public Radio, will be carried by other stations at their convenience of days & time]

American Radio Works Special: Radio Fights Jim Crow

Before Rosa Parks' historic refusal to give up her bus seat and before the famous freedom marches of mid-century, African Americans fought racial discrimination through the most influential mass medium of the 1930's and 40's - radio. Producer Stephen Smith documents a pioneering effort to break the hold of Jim Crow laws and customs that gripped the nation in the early 20th century.

(Above from KQED's 'What's On Page')

From American Radio Works (Series from Minn. Pub. Radio)

During the World War Two years, a series of groundbreaking radio programs tried to mend the deep racial and ethnic divisions that threatened America. At a time when blacks were usually shown on the radio as lazy buffoons, the federal government and civil rights activists used radio for a counter attack. Did radio unify America in the face of war? This is "Radio Fights Jim Crow".

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