Internet Websites for DX’ers

"Russ Edmunds"

Beginning last DX season, this column listed a number of Internet Websites which were valuable to DX’ers. Owing to the volatility of Internet Websites generally, we created a listing which can be periodically updated and included as a part of Target DX. Each address listed has been recently checked out to ensure to the degree possible that addresses are current and that only active sites are included. The following list is not a complete listing of all potentially useful sites, but rather contains those which have been determined to be either the most useful and/or of the widest interest based on comments in DX News and also on the listserv. This listing is valid as of 11/26/01.


FCC Info:


AM Query – Technical Info on US AM Stations:

FM Query – Technical Info on US FM Stations:

US Broadcast Station Mailing Address Query:

CDBS Public Access ( FCC Station Database ):

FCC General Menu – Table of Contents:

FCC Index of Call Sign Changes ( biweekly – in .pdf format ):

FCC Travellers’ Information Stations by Frequency:

FCC Callsign Reservation Inquiry:


U. S. / Canada Station Info:


Canada-US AM Info Lookup ( Barry McLarnon )

Elliott Broadcast Services Radio Station Info Page

Radiointro ( Pro Sports Networks ):

Arbitron Station Information Profiles:

Broadcast Band DX Logbook ( Lee Freshwater ):

Canadian Government Station Data:

CRTC ( Canada ) What’s New:


Propagation / Space Conditions:


NOAA Radio Users Page ( Geomagnetic Info ):

Space Weather Bureau ( NASA ):

Sunrise/Sunset Monthly Calendar:

Today’s Space Weather:

Space Weather Now:

Charts of the last 20 solar cycles:

Charts of Cycles 21-23:




Foreign Station Info:


AM/FM Station list for Panama

( in Spanish ):

Colombian government AM and FM station lists:

( Look under Planes Técnicos de Radiodifusión Sonora AM – FM. They are .zip files that convert to .doc files. )

Euro MW Guide:

Mexican Government (SCT) Lists:

Mexico Radio-TV ( Fred Cantu )

Venezuela Station List:

RCN network list ( Colombia )

Guatemala Station list

Barry McLarnon’s Central America DX Page

Costa Rican station Directory


Locations, Mapping & Distance:


Great Circle Distance Calculator:

MIT Radio-Locator:

Plots to a Radius – Radio:

Topographic maps online:

Great Circle Maps, etc:

USGS Mapping Info:

MIT Geographic Nameserver:

Broadcast Station Location Page ( John Kodis) :

"How Far Is It?" Distance calculator:

Census Mapping

Great Circle Distance calculator:


Religious program sites:

Pastor Adrian Rogers : Love Worth Finding -

Calvary Satellite Network:

"Back to the Bible" schedules/lists:


Club & Info sites:

The Hard-Core DX site

International Radio Club of America (IRCA)

Longwave Club of America ( LWCA )






Interval Signals Archive – audio clips:

Listings of frequencies for all sorts

Of interference sources ( TV’s, cell

Phones ):

Area Code Maps:

U. S. Governors Information:,1169,,00.html

Latin Music Samples:

Acronym Finder

Texas Am-FM-TV Info:

Gerry Thomas's Radio Plus+ Electronics –

Quantum series amplified ferrite-core loops