They are 1230, 1240, 1340, 1400, 1450 and 1490 kHz.



Editor Notes
The GYDXA lists were all recently updated. Deceased NRC members are noted with (SK). Non-NRC members are purged from the lists as GYDXA are only for National Radio Club members. With the updates it’s time to review the GYDXA lists and perhaps submit station(s) for inclusion.

GYDXA has always been an “on one’s honor” listing. With the recent update and in an attempt to make things fair to everyone, going forward one must prove GYDXA reception for inclusion. Proof includes a brief audio clip including station ID or other clearly identifiable proof, station log including station ID or other clearly identifiable proof or QSL. In other words, simply writing "Hey, I (believe I) heard station wxyz" isn't sufficient.

Ensure an entry qualifies as a record. In other words, please don't dump entries on me without determining they qualify for listing. I will not do the work for you.

The only valid email address for submitting GYDXA is


Records Prior to January 1, 1960

Records After January 1, 1960

1230 kc

1230 kHz

1240 kc

1240 kHz

1340 kc

1340 kHz

1400 kc

1400 kHz

1450 kc

1450 kHz

1490 kc

1490 kHz

Graveyard DX Totals