They are 1230, 1240, 1340, 1400, 1450 and 1490 kHz.



Editor Notes
The GYDXA lists were all recently updated. Deceased NRC members are noted with (SK). GYDXA are only for National Radio Club members. With the updates itís time to review the GYDXA lists and perhaps submit station(s) for inclusion.

Totals and submissions for new individual station records should be sent to . Before submitting new records for individual stations, please review the existing record(s) for each station, and verify that your reception seems like it might be a new record. If your logging has not recently appeared in DX News, please include the logging details (or a suitable audio clip) with each submission. If a record has been vacated and you want to reclaim it based on an old reception of the station in question, just give the volume and issue number of the DX News edition where your logging (or previous GYDXA record) for the station in question appeared. Remember to include your exact location (latitude/longitude or address) where each logging took place.


Records Prior to January 1, 1960

Records After January 1, 1960

1230 kc

1230 kHz

1240 kc

1240 kHz

1340 kc

1340 kHz

1400 kc

1400 kHz

1450 kc

1450 kHz

1490 kc

1490 kHz

Graveyard DX Totals